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Here are five ways ASU Enterprise Partners is supporting ASU's IMPACT.

Through our subsidiaries, ASU is able to…

ASU Foundation MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

Educate globally

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, Phase I, is educating and preparing 120 young people from 20 countries across sub-Saharan Africa to lead change and make a positive social impact in their communities.

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The ASU Foundation matches donors with their passion by raising and investing private contributions to ASU programs, faculty, and students.

Skysong Innovations Nanobot Biosciences Dr Hao Yan

Save lives

Researchers at Nanobot Biosciences, Inc. have developed the world’s first programmable, autonomous DNA “nanorobots” that navigate the human body through the bloodstream.

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Skysong Innovations, ASU EP’s technology transfer, creates a pipeline between ASU and Northern Arizona University inventions and the private sector.

RCASU CapaCities

Protect the planet

Municipalities are increasingly taking action against climate change. However, solutions to complex problems in the majority of the world’s cities are not coordinated across city departments, hindering their effectiveness and long-term success.

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RCASU equips faculty, staff, and students to launch special innovative and impactful initiatives rapidly.

ASURE Innovation Challenge

Fix federal problems

In May 2018, ASURE hosted the sUAS Innovation Challenge to shape the future of search and rescue using UAS technology.

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ASURE conducts applied research and consults for classified and midrange technology-readiness-level (TRL) services for the defense and security industry.

University Realty LLC Austen Bundy

Shape careers

Austen Bundy is a junior at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University. He was also one of the first students to experience the new Barrett & O'Connor Washington Center in Washington.

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University Realty LLC cultivates and advances commercial and residential real estate projects to support Arizona State University.

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ASU Enterprise Partners ASU foundation receives a new gift from a donor every 95 seconds.

ASU Enterprise Partners through Skysong innovations, ASU is now ranked #17 out of the top 100 universities worldwide granted patents for inventions

ASU Enterprise Partners research collaboratory at ASU supports the University's initiatives in countries around the world, including China, Germany, Mexico, and Vietnam

ASU Enterprise Partners ASU Research Enterprise solves national securitry challenges for 10 federal agencies

University Realty is a major investor and manages the assets of SkySong, a global innovation hub housing 62 companies.

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